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Event Horizon is the new EP of the avant-garde Band XCIII. It was composed, mixed and mastered by the band itself in November 2013 and April 2014, at the Forlorn Hope studios in Lyon, France. It's a transition EP. We wanted to experiment new sounds, new genres. The result is a complex psychedelic journey composed by traditional black metal music and more. Still melancholic, the music finds its inspiration in both the essence of life and catatonia. It is a mix between cold eerie sounds and warm encouraging rhythms. The cover artwork, a simple white painted picture of trees, was made by Fanny R.

French Metal : "Encore une fois, les arrangements et mélodies sont structurés juste comme il faut pour animer de manière voluptueuse et sensuelle les ambiances mystérieuses et mélancoliques au sein d'une mélodie envoûtante (17,5/20)" www.french-metal.com/chroniques/xciii.html#.U7J_ccbIaUB

You can still buy our first album here: naturmacht.com/shop/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=642


released May 25, 2014

XCIII - Composing, mixing, mastering
- Mathieu (piano, syths, vocals, guitar)
- Guillaume (Bass, vocals, synths, guitar)
(Jonathan recorded some guitars too but he left the band during the writing and recording process)


all rights reserved



Anesthetize Paris, France


Is an underground record label which is spezialized in both Metal and Electronic/Wave music. Anesthetize stands for support, promotion and distribution of good eerie music.

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Track Name: May
Hello Goodbye, hello Goodbye
On penny Lane in october fall
One woman here, one man beside,
A walk through the winter hall

It’s been a hard day’s night
A reunion and a fight
The things we said today
were nothing but the may

Hello Goodbye, hello goodbye,
In a strawberry field in july
One woman here, one man beside
A walk through the summer wide

I want to hold your hand
You cannot do that
You don’t know my name
It’s nothing but a frame —

I touched the sky
With my fingers wide open
I smelled the blindfold
Over my eyes

I realized, my senses expand
The kaleidoscope of life –
But in the same time, I lost control
Of me and her

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